Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Walking and Praying

I'm delighted to find more walkers, thanks for asking me Cathy! I've been trying for 2 miles a day -- the exercise is one goal, more important is finding 30 minutes a day to be "off duty": not Mom, not the department chair, not the research advisor or teacher. Some days I end up going in circles around the block at 9:30 at night, but I go!

I've been walking with the British Jesuits' daily meditations. Calm music, one of the daily readings, an invitation to prayer and reflection.


Norma said...

Welcome to the walk!

Cathy said...

Pray as you go is one of my favorite podcasts - i just wished they lasted a little longer. I really love the music and the calm of the meditation.

Michelle said...

I mark ones I like and keep them for moments when I need something calm (like tomorrow when I have some minor surgery...)!

Joanne said...

Welcome to the group!

This has been a great help for me to separate work from personal time.