Thursday, May 17, 2007


This is nifty - I reached 50! Previously posted the 6 and today am adding 3.5 miles of ground covered on a beautiful day in the great northwest with Beta the Bordie Collie. 50! And have bumped the "goal" now out to 60. This is so much fun. Sometimes I think to myself I'll have nothing to post if I don't just get out and get going - and then off I go!!! It is motivating and encouraging. Picked up the books Eat Cake and Step Ball Change and realized I'd read Julie and Romeo as well as Julie and Romeo Get Lucky. I thought that author sounded familiar! And I am on a mission to understand and then put into action the buying of an appropriate (maybe the word is compatible) mp3 and then downloading audio books on it. I'll be doing a lot more walking outside and biking over the next 3 - 4 months because that's the only time you can go outside up here in the otherwise frozen tundra of MN!!! And the vet says Beta the Border Collie needs to lose a few pounds so I'll be addressing that issue with daily walking!! Biking does nothing for her because she's older and can no longer keep up on longer distances so we bought her a burley (pulls behind the bike) and now she rides in style.

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Norma said...

The current issue of JAMA reports even minimal exercise (about 75 min. a week) is beneficial (doesn't specifically mention dogs, but it probably helps them too). Weight loss requires more like 60 minutes a day.