Friday, May 11, 2007

67--walking my age

I walked a mile yesterday late in the afternoon (with 1776), and 2 miles this morning in the park. While there I complimented another walker (maybe mid-70s) on her outfit, and heard all about her kidney disease and why she was carrying an umbrella on a sunny day (she had beautiful skin). I told her she was smart--but I also learned about a disease I'd never heard of and can't begin to pronounce. Found out her parents had come from Russia, so I asked her if she spoke Russian, and she said, in Russian, "Yes, I speak a little bit, but my parents said it's like a child." Must be why I was able to understand her.

Then there was a group setting out potted flowers and I asked one of the volunteers if they were for sale. She said No, they were all ordered and to be picked up at the park. Must have been a huge project. Then we realized we used to walk together in 2001 at one of the rec centers when they still had open time for walkers. But she was very busy, so I moved along. Not a day to get the heart rate up, I guess.

Our bedroom is just about finished. Stop by for the before and after photos. We had to mix early 60s modern with arts and crafts since nothing else was available.

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Joanne said...

Busy you are with your home and all - I took a peek at the old vs new - what a change and how much brighter!