Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sunday Morning Walk

Got up early this morning and decided to walk - it was in the 60s and I knew the day would get hot so decided to go ahead and enjoy the morning. Walked 2.6 miles which put me over a milestone of 100 miles since I have been keeping up with walking around the world

Listening to Vivaldi's Four Seasons on my IPod. I want to know how the birds know the right time to chirp in the music???

I did play a little game with myself -- I made mailboxes along part of my route as points where I would start "jogging" and then stop.... then walk some.... then "jog".

I use "jog" very loosely, since the jog was not faster than my walk, just a different movement.

Norma, I just got notification that Eat Cake was ready for pickup so I will be getting that tomorrow.


Norma said...

I think you'll enjoy the book. Totally unrealistic, but a great story. Good recipes, too.

polly said...

I'm impressed with your trainer David has encouraged me to get back into running (I've done several 5Ks - love the t-shirts) and the way you are doing it is the way he suggested. Maybe I'll try a bit of a jog next time I'm out. I picked up Step Ball Change and Eat Cake yesterday. Looking forward to the read.