Monday, May 28, 2007

Finish the season at 89

I walked a mile on Friday and on Saturday. It was a bit rainy at the lake, but that brings the season to 89. I guess I'll start Pentecost still walking, but setting a goal doesn't work well for me. I walked 5 miles on Sunday and 2 today, so I'm at 7 for this new season. Walking is about the only exercise that works for me, so I'll stay with it.

Saturday morning when I left our cottage at Lakeside about 5:30 it was still dark. I heard some strange squeals, so I went back inside and got a flash light. Six kittens between the steps and the foundation. I'm afraid they are getting so big she won't be able to get them out. It's one thing to drop down with the little blob of fur in your mouth, quite another to jump straight up. After talking to the neighbors I think this is the 3rd location.

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