Saturday, May 05, 2007

My First Miles Back On Track

Hi All,

First - you all have been real busy - congratulations on all the miles!

This week was the week.

I am now off the walker and on one cane part time.

I did two miles this morning with the Nordic Walking Sticks. What a great way to start off my weekend! I may regret my zeal later today, but I could not contaim myself when I started down the road. In my little town of Colona, there are still many flowering shrubs blooming, as well as tulips and wild sweet william. I love it -the smell of newly mowed grass, the flowering shrubs and spring flowers, seeing renovations being done on my deceased uncle's house, and again meeting my 4 legged friends from my last year walks.

My ticker will be in at the next walk.

Have a wonder-filled weekend!


Norma said...

So glad you are up and about. We saw a lot of people with walking sticks/skiis in Finland last summer. I think they help the arms too. You are an inspiration!

polly said...

The guys we saw using walking sticks on the (hour we walked on the) Appalachian Trail said they made it esier on the knees too. Can't wait to see your ticker! I love those things!!!! =)