Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Morning Sun

Friday AM this time,. Haven't been out yet today, but wanted to update where I am.

2 and 1/2 miles each on last Sat, Sun, Mon, 3 miles on Tuesday, 5 miles on Wed - the last 2 were in the early evening - walked with a friend to get a Dairy Queen. That was the incentive. Thursday AM was 3 miles. Just can't seem to get home from work in time to do some at night. The walking sticks are great. If you happen to get a hold of the April issue of FITNESS magazine - there is an article about using them. There are several brands - mine are LEKI. There is a website -

My route by the canal is coming alive with Big Fish jumping. I'm watching construction on a new home. This weekend will be just for R and R - no work brought home. I am going to do some more walking, plant some annuals in posts, and just have a glorious weekend after 12:30PM today.

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