Monday, May 07, 2007

Three more--57 miles

One mile yesterday and two today. It's a great day to walk, but I have book club tonight and need to stay on task and finish our May selection. I rarely read fiction, but Eat cake by Jeanne Ray is just delightful. I've been laughing out loud.


Cathy said...

Polly - route 66 has activity minutes - it doesn't have to be walking. Go for it!
Love the ticker!

Joanne said...

Book sounds great - I need to offset the accounting activity with a good book.

Cathy said...

I have read another book by Jeane Ray and enjoyed it - Step Ball Change. I can't remember who Ray is the mother of, but I know it is of another writer.

I put that book on hold at the library per your recommendation. This might be part of my summer reading.

polly said...

I picked up my large print copy yesterday! I'll check out Step Ball Change when I'm finished. Have you read Population 485? I know you are more of a nonfiction reader. I really liked it.