Saturday, May 05, 2007

54 miles

I went out after supper for a mile + last night and thought I'd get some in today, but the rain started. We're going to a Derby party tonight, and I know the outfit will spot in the rain, so I'm thinking of wearing a long raincoat, and carrying my slacks in a sack, changing in the rest room when I get there.


polly said...

Did you see the Queen??????? =)

Norma said...

Yes, on TV. We all wear hats to this party. Hers was a bit nicer.

polly said...

Well, she may be the Queen of England and have the nicer hat but I hail you Queen of Walking now what do you think of that???
OK I lapsed into rhyming!!!
I could use a good laugh...(just finished Liberty Falling by Navada Barr - I read mostly fiction) so will put the book by Ray on hold at my library as soon as I am done here.