Tuesday, December 04, 2007

December Afternoon

Really have done well for the last three days -4 miles each day. This afternoon silly orange cat met me on the bicycle path, rolling over on her belly to be petted. I really like walking in this weather, but just wait until it is snowing and sleeting. I do try to get even a half mile in then. No walk outside from tomorrow through Friday - back to work. I will do a mile on the treadmill at Nautilus tomorrow and Friday - no more than that, hate that treadmill.

My neighbor (1/2 mile away) has his front yard filled with Christmas. These last two afternoons, as I was walking up the hill, he was just finishing inflating the last figure.

I'm seeing what I can get done for outside Christmas lights. I only do lights on the trees and greenery sprays and wreaths for the doors, not figures.

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Norma said...

I love your new ticker. I admit when it drops into the 40s my resolve melts--and in the 30s it is almost non-existent. I am wearing my pedometer to remind me to do more even in the house. Today's exercise will be to unpack and set up my new computer--that may be followed by calling a tech support person.