Sunday, July 20, 2008

Exercising at Lakeside

Although I see some vigorous joggers and walkers, most of us here for vacation or the summer just get more exercise than usual because we don't use our cars. I might walk 10-12 blocks a day or ride my bike several miles and not even think about it. I think this is why our parents and grandparents didn't carry as much weight. During the day I might walk 3 blocks and back to the little grocery store, or 2-3 blocks to the little business district, or stroll a mile along the lakefront and not even notice it. It's a wonderful way to get around--when the weather's good--and for the most part it has been. Occasionally Joanne sends her storms from Illinois that she has been dodging.

Walking at sunrise along Lake Erie

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Joanne said...

Your pictures of Italy were great. I'm glad to see you recovered from your bout with stomach issues.

I agree with what you said about our parents and grandparents doing the walking and not carrying so much weight. I'm remembering those farm meals we had when we lived on the family farm -along with taking snacks out to my uncles in the field.