Saturday, July 05, 2008

Back from Italy

We got back from Italy in the wee morning hours of June 30, and I'd planned laundry, photo sorting, blogging, etc. and getting ready for Lakeside, but a virus overtook me and I landed in the hospital, dehydrated. A few others on the tour were also doing poorly, so either we ate or drank something that didn't agree. One gal spent the flight in the rest room--thank goodness mine waited until June 30! But I seem to be on the mend. My little one-mile-a-day walks around the condo grounds weren't up to cobblestone streets and Umbrian hills! Also we had a heat wave. I'm posting photos and stories at my regular blog, Collecting My Thoughts as the inspiration hits. So far, the brain isn't in gear. But Joanne is always an inspiration and I plan to go for a short walk now that the sun is out. It's like a rain forest here in central Ohio.

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