Thursday, March 20, 2008


And so the first day of Spring, with snow forecast north of here tonight and tomorrow and a mix of rain/snow for Monday in the Quad Cities. But Life is Good any way you look at it. I missed my goal, but will do better with the next one as walking will be in the mix. I will be so glad that once again, I'll be able to write what I see, hear, feel, and smell during walks along the canal. Those jotted down thoughts remind me what a glorious world I live on and how gracious God is to share His World with me.

Farmer Neighbor has three cows that have calved - two had twins. I stopped at the township cemetery last evening to place spring flowers on family graves for Easter. The cemetery is about a quarter mile from my home. As I was going down the lane to the road, I stopped and watched both sets of twins romping and playing in the field. They were just born last week. More calves will be coming in the future!

My hour of exercise is helping to take the edge off layoffs at my agency. This last group of five employees will be temporary - they will be reinstated by July 1. Federal funding is being cut for the current year and next year's funding will be less than the total funds received this year. It is a sad state of affairs when agencies in place to help the unemployed have to lay off members of their own staff.

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Norma said...

Your description of the lane to the township cemetery so reminds me of the one where my sister, parents, grandparents, great grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles are awaiting the resurrection. In my mind I'll walk it with you (although I've never seen frolicking calves) and place some Easter flowers.