Sunday, March 16, 2008

Palm Sunday

Up early and accomplished one hour of exercises plus an hour walk after church. I'll be short of goal for First Day of Spring by 10 hours. I'm going to contine on through Easter Sunday, then start a new short term goal until I can walk in the early mornings before work, about April 13. We have a 5K Gilda's run that day. I should be able to at least get 2 days of walks in each week before then and right after maybe 2 miles in the morning before work. Once May is here, I'll be walking my usual 4 miles before heading to work.

I have been so unfocused on what I need to do this year. So I made a new resolution, that for each day, I will do what I should not put off until tomorrow!

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Norma said...

You've done well--and it's been a crazy winter!