Friday, February 29, 2008

Slow Going!

I have been such a procrastinator - must catch up this week. Even off Nautilus for the last couple weeks. Still no outside walking - all snowy and icy. I really miss my daily walks on the bike path. Work is pretty stressful - more funds lost
Over the whole country, the Feds are rescinding funds awarded to local agencies from 2006 through 2007. This doesn't even address what our funding loss will be for the year starting July 2008. So my exercising in the AM gets me ready for the day. I just need to get going on at least a half hour more after work. The kit cats keep me entertained in the evening and I'm doing much better with work / life balance.

I keep a constant prayer in my heart of thank yous, praise, and needing help. What a combination to give to God in one sitting! I am well and can do "my thing"! So Life is Really, Really Good!

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