Saturday, February 02, 2008

Goal Cut Short

Here I am, 4 days from my target date - hadn't planned on the average snowfall which we have not had since the year 2000. That is fine, the path taken is as important as the end result. I have only had one good day for outside walking, but I still love winter. I really could have attained the goal and more had I pushed, but somehow this month did not feel like doing my normal extreme push. Even so I have managed almost an hour a day - I'll probably achieve 30 hours by Tuesday. I have my followup doctor appointments at the end of this month so I am starting February with at least one and 1/2 hours of exercise each day. Need to show them that they did a good job fixing me. New Goal on Wednesday!


Norma said...

You're still doing great. I think the doctor will be proud.

My little goal will be up on Feb. 6 I think, but no where near as ambitious as yours.

Joanne said...

All in all, it is the journey that is important! I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew. That is my top long range goal of this blog -improving life/work balance.