Friday, September 28, 2007

Now it is Beginning to Feel Like Fall

Almost two weeks since posting - busy as a beaver building a dam. Yardwork, cleaning house, work at work, enjoying the kit cats, and a visit from my brother. Yet I can still do very well a procrastinating.

My walks are mostly after work so it will be 4 milers except the days at the gymn when I may be lucky to get 2 miles in outside and 1 on the treadmill during my workout. I need to get started on my treadmill at home in the AM. I'll start that next Wednesday. I'm only in to work one day next week - the remaining days I'm off with yardwork and then getting ready to visit my niece in Minneapolis on the 6th thru the 8th.

Much different weather now - cooler. Today was warm walking. Saw the geese overhead and could smell someone burning leaves. The squirrels are truly gathering the feast for winter. Every once in a while I am able to catch a glimpse of a fish feeding. The canal is really shallow, but somewhat murky and muddy. Still, I have seen quite a few fish top feeding.

I only see the blue heron in the early morning so will be watching for him tomorrow at 6:30AM. Two more days and it will be "October's Bright Blue Weather"!

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