Saturday, September 08, 2007

Beginning New Goals for Autumn

Having made a new ticker with new goals - we'll see what happens. No sure if I'll meet my goal - am hoping for beautiful fall weather and not working overtime. Counting today, I have made an 15 mile dent in my goal since Tuesday morning.

The weather is wonderful today. As I walked out of the house this morning, I saw 2 eagles overhead. Down the road I traveled with my walking sticks click clacking - the rhythm helps increase my pace. Along my normal route, I encountered busy squirrels both eating some nuts and burying some food away for winter. Turtles were sitting on a log in the middle of the canal and then rook a dive in the water.

A fast paced walk this morning and hopefully a second this evening. I'll be working in the yard this afternoon and beginning to clean the garage - I have put the garage thing off long enough!

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Norma said...

Cute ticker and ambitious goal!