Tuesday, February 27, 2007

In Honor of my 20,000th Visitor .... 20,000 things about me!


But, you were worried, weren't ya!

Seriously, we will be without internet until March 9th when we get settled into the new house. The move was required by the Transplant Center- something about length of travel for a cadaver donor transplant, if it comes to that. You got to be there f.a.s.t!

So, we are packing up the Uhaul and saying goodbye to our dream home in Montana for abit. Well, at least 12 bits (months) or so.

But, it's a shot at life.

So, we are taking it.

I'm sure there will be at least 8,000 posts to catch up on once we are online again, so please - nothing too wonderful between now and then!
Take care, and God Bless!

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