Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Birds are elusive:

It will be difficult to catch a bird on camera. They seem to know they are being sought out. I only saw two birds yesterday while walking. Both of them hid in the very tops of the trees, nearly hidden from view, and sang beautiful songs to tempt me. Of course, when I am not walking and I don't have my camera, they come right up to me to request a refill for the feeder. Smart little critters!

I just walked around the neighboring housing addition yesterday evening, just before the sun set. Today, which was gorgeous and even a bit too warm, turned out to be too busy and I didn't get a walk in unless I can count rushing through two mega-stores to do my shopping. I'll have to begin doing two-a-days soon!

*Yes, I am feeling much better! I haven't had a flu or a cold that zapped me so thoroughly in a very long time.*

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Norma said...

I've noticed that about birds and binoculars. I get all settled in and they just seem to disappear.