Sunday, October 04, 2009

October Blue Skies

Today the weather is just so October- brisk, sunny, and blue skies - my favorite month of the year. I have been walking when I can, but work and weather interfer. Last Sunday we did a 5K and that was the walking for the week.

Today, after church, I headed down my usual route - 1/2 mile country road, a mile and 1/2 through down, then along the canal path for a 1/2 mile. Round trip is 4 miles. Saw lots of squirrels hiding away nuts. And saw the Great Blue Heron - he's not too flighty, ended up about 6 feet from him when he decided it was time to fly a little farther from the bike path.

Am hoping this weather stays much of October so I can take care of my wild yard - golden rod as tall as me, as well as giant rag weed and tall grass. I'm trying to have a couple days off each week from now til the end of the year - no time for a weeks vacation so I schedule days off between reporting deadlines, budget deadlines, and other responsibilities.

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