Sunday, January 04, 2009

Holiday Greetings and Happy 2009

Yes - I know it is after Christmas, but really this is the 10th day of Christmas.

Christmas was again in Minneapolis, where we did some walking and playing with my niece's newest addition - an Australian cattle dog named Pip.

Since then there has been no real time to walk and no good snow to try out snow shoeing. But am doing an exercise routine twice a day!

Hopefully time and weather will allow me to get out to do some winter walking and try out the snow shoes - they are not the old fashioned kind, but "hi-tech" (LL Bean) with poles and a storage case. One of my resolutions is to set aside an hour + on weekends for just doing walking or snow shoeing.The other resolutions are the continuations of last year - "works in progress".

Just want to wish all a Happy New Year!

Saw a silly Robin today - doesn't he known he should be south of the Illinois Quad Cities?

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