Monday, April 02, 2007

I'm here and walking!

I've been a very absent member of this blog for...a year! or more?

But! Here I am to take up Cathy's challenge of walking 15 miles during Holy Week. (Maybe I won't get THAT far...! but it's good to have a goal.)

I have been very rigorous in my participation at Jazzercise for the last several months, but I backed my car into a pole last week and developed a small whiplash. The chiropractor has asked me not to return to exercise class for at least another week...yikes!

So I am back to walking. Hope y'all will still let me play!


Cathy said...

Welcome back Mary Beth - of course you can still play - glad you are with us.
I hope I can do the 15 miles too, but no guarantees. The only thing on my side is that I have spring break this week so a little more wiggle time.

Annie said...

It's always good to try! I don't know if I can do it either. Glad you are joining in.