Sunday, April 22, 2007

Now it's almost hot

I added 2 more miles today. Now just watching some silly, romantic movies. Sort of trying to figure out the ticker. It updates even on the old posts, and today it gave me Cathy's ticker before I even wrote anything. Seems to be a few "bugs" in my tulip garden. But isn't it cute?


polly said...

I noticed that too about the tickers. I think instead of updating we'd have to re-create a new one each time. It certainly is possible. I'll give it a try later. You're on the downhill side of the 50 miles. Wooohoooo!

Cathy said...

I wondered if me placing my code in a part of the blog post would do it for EVERYONE or just for me (in the settings section). I took it out now!

You are on the downhill side of 50!