Sunday, April 15, 2007

Weekend effort

Yesterday I asked my husband how far it was from here to there and back - the distance I had walked. He said "about" 2 miles. I said no, no, no, no "abouts". I need to know exactly. I told him "tenths" count!!! So he drove it and it was only 1.8 miles. So, today I ventured forth for about an hour and then I drove the distance and it was 3.3 miles. So, this weekend effort brings me to 6.1 miles. Both days I walked with my mp3 and shared time with Ron Kenoly, The Newsboys, dcTalk, Philips Craig & Dean, Mary Mary, Nicole Nordeman - to name a few.


Cathy said...

There is a great program where you can map your walks - it's at - it keeps you from having to drive to determine distances. It's great!

Cathy said...

oh yes, you are doing great!