Saturday, April 21, 2007

So Not Walking Is Now Back to Walking

Hello All.

First, with Cathy in thoughts on the 5K.

12 more days until I receive the final let go from the doctors for recovering from hip replacement surgery. I am now walking outside (still with the walker and 20% limit on the left hip - but that should be done by May 3). With the Spring weather and all, I am walking the boundary of my acre. I think that is over three blocks, a mile equals about 12 blocks. So, I should be up to 4 walks around the acre each day by next Friday.

This morning I did the three blocks and tonight I'll be doing three more. We take so much for granted. I missed being outside part of Fall, all of Winter, and part of Spring. I walked over to the pink vibernum for a closer look at the blooms and the heavenly smell and wandered out to the edge of the driveway to see the pink hyacinth and dutchmen's britches, then along the bramble roses and back along the road way, then to the north boundary, east to the east boundary (checking on the roses - lost a lot of roses last winter - did not get them covered), south to the south boundary (checking on the lilacs and flowering almond), then west to the road and along the bramble roses. It is so good to be back.
I'm looking at a new exercise program - Nordic Walking. The progam uses special walking sticks to promote cardiovascular exercise and assists in gaining total body strength and endurance.The walking sticks should help me maintain my stride as I hope to make the 50 mile goal.

More later.


Norma said...

It's so good to hear from you. I'd say you're making great progress. Keep it up. And you are so right--we don't appreciate this until it's gone.

Cathy said...

What an inspiration you are! And I know you will make the 50 miles - I know you will! Thanks for sharing a little of your story. I am sure there is much more. Bless you.

polly said...

Hello and welcome back Joanne...with your determination I'm sure you will make the 50 mile goal...block upon block, acre by acre, mile upon mile. You can do it!