Sunday, April 22, 2007

5k race

Yesterday I walked a 5k at the Mayhaw Festival. This is an event about 20 miles from our town. It was a good size --- maybe about 100 runners/walkers or so? Beautiful morning and there were a smattering of people we knew or recognized. (Picture in this posting - I am in blue - daughter is holding her medal. The other two are friends who are church members.
The race was fine and was pretty well covered. The local police and county sherriff's department kept us protected. Think they had fun just watching us. Then the parade was getting set up and so there was a little confusion, but not so much that it kept us from finishing.


Joanne said...

Way to go, Cathy!

5K's are great.

Norma said...

That's really great!

polly said...

I'm reading your post and it hits parents, their good friends and my brother and his wife went to the Mayhaw Festival this weekend. What a hoot! They went last year too. They live in Pensacola FL. And over spring break my husband, our middle daughter and her college roommate were in Helen for a week. That anywhere near you? I like how you post pictures. What do you do with all the t-shirts from your 5Ks?