Saturday, April 28, 2007

Walking along the trail

I did my slowest walk ever -- the whole way I told myself, no hurry, just enjoy - don't worry about speeding up, just soak in nature and listen to your music, Cathy. And that I did. There were more folks out on the trail than ever today -- a family walking and biking, individuals running, couples holding hands and enjoying their time together and individuals riding bikes or walking.

My heel bothered me a little bit, so trying not to add any more stress on it, yet continue the walking.

Norma may have been wearing her sky blue pants (see picture below), but I was wearing my blue floral capris (I love calling them pedal pushers) and a blue top. My feet had ankle socks and blue sandal birkenstocks. No pictures please for me! I know I would look dorky, but that's ok - I am not doing it to make a fashion statement.

I have this urge to do this while I am walking but try to contain myself. When i am listening to the music (and so much of it is classical or choral music), I have this urge to want to conduct the music. I have enough of a reputation of being quirky, so that would just top it off and seal it if I did.

I did notice there were several pieces of music that is so neat to walk with throughout the nature trail. One of the movements from Bach Brandenburg Concertos (and I don't remember which) hit the spot on one part of the trail and then a special arrangement of Debussy's Clair de Lune and one of Satie's selections (which I can't remember which one) was especially nice during the walk.

Anyway, I walked 3.3 miles today. It was a good walk, one that I wanted to go longer. That is a good thing!


Norma said...

Conducting while you're walking would also give the arms a workout. So what if people stop and stare!

polly said...

WOW! You and Norma are something else! Walking wonder women!!!! You want to conduct and I'm singing karoke with my mp3!!! I'm sounding good to myself with all that backup. I'm sure those that do hear me think "what in the world"???? The thing about being up north at the cabin is that no one else is around on the main road - even on the access road - so I just belt it out! =) And if I know the sign for it I'm doing that to!! My intent is praise! I love the Brandenburg Concertos - try Handel's Water Music. 5 miles to go - yippeeyo!!