Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Poky Puppy

Today I walked 2 miles, and ever have one of those dreams where when you walk you feel like you are walking in slow motion? Well mine was not a dream, and I felt like I had lead legs. After 2 miles, I felt like that was a sign to stop, so did not go 3 like I had wanted.

Norma is going like a jack rabbit and I believe she must might pass us all!!! You go, Norma!!!


Annie said...

You're flying!

Way to go!

Mother Laura said...

You rock, ladies! I thought about joining y'all for Lent, but my body wasn't quite up to it....But I got re-inspired to check back in after seeing Mary Beth's post about walking 15 miles in Holy Week.

Too late for that now, especially because some days my knees really need swimming and that has to be my priority. But I would love to go for 50 miles in the Great Fifty Days of Easter.

Any chance I could join the walker-posters here? I think it would make it easier to be more motivated and faithful. And if so, where do I get one of those cute little tickers?

My email is lauraATgrimesDOTws


Joanne said...

Hi All,

Good going Cathy. Will be joining you all shortly on the 50 miles.

polly said...

Hi! I was google-ing (!) for something to do for the 50 days of Easter - some reading or something to help me stay focused in a tangible way...and I came upon you "walkers for Lent" and now I see you are walking the 50 days...can I join you? What do I have to do to? Do you all know each other? I have never blogged before!