Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Walked at the park

I did two miles today--one at the park, and one around the condo grounds. So that puts me at 34 miles. Beautiful dandelions at the park--usually I don't get excited about that, but with such a cold spring, any flower looks good. Hope they don't spray them.

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polly said...

That is so true about anything looking good that's alive again after such a winter. My daughter and her husband are doing the tulip watch...they have a "crop" coming from last year but he planted several bulbs earlier this spring and they have "14 and counting" that he says are going to make it. Every spring I see theirs and I say I want to plant tulips in the fall but I forget or don't get around to it...I think I'll put it in my planner. It'd be such a treat to see them coming up next spring....how's that for planning ahead? By the way, 34 miles is impressive!!!!