Saturday, April 21, 2007

Nice day for a walk!

My married daughter and I took the dog (Beta the Border Collie) and off we went - 3.8 miles in an hour. [I love that - it tells you the precise distance walked.] It was a bit windy by the lake near my house but still a nice day for walking (and spending time with my daughter). Several people were "attempting" to get their docks and boat lifts in - too much wind, too many waves for it to be pleasant. I was wearing my daughter's pedometer - 7435 steps! WOW! Sounds like a lot! I bought a bike this weekend so will be biking [it counts on AARP's Get Fit on Route 66] and walking [which counts here AND on Walk Around The World!!!] this summer. It's 8 miles around the nearby lake and my goal is to bike it 3 times a week ( I've said it - gotta do it!). Also bought a used Burley bike trailer for the dog (!) to ride along in when we bike. She's getting old (12) and can no longer keep up on longer rides. She looks like a little queen in a chariot! What a hoot!

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Cathy said...

That paragraph was packed full of activity and i love the idea of a little dog carrier/trailer!

Keep up the good work!