Sunday, April 22, 2007

Polly asks me questions - and I answer....

Polly asks:

I'm reading your post and it hits parents, their good friends and my brother and his wife went to the Mayhaw Festival this weekend. What a hoot! They went last year too. They live in Pensacola FL. And over spring break my husband, our middle daughter and her college roommate were in Helen for a week. That anywhere near you? I like how you post pictures. What do you do with all the t-shirts from your 5Ks?

Oh how it is a small world! The Mayhaw Festival in Colquitt, Georgia is about 20 miles from where I live. We live in the southwest corner of Georgia. Helen is in the northeast corner of GA and about 350 miles from us. By the way, mayhaws grow in boggy areas and are a member of the rose family. Their tart berries make a wonderul mellow jelly, which people love around here. It's a soft pink in color!

All those tshirts amount to 2 right now - and until I lose some more weight, will not fit me in the HIPs. When they do, I will wear them. If I get too many, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it!

Today I walked 3.7 miles -- this afternoon and it was a slow and easy walk.

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Norma said...

We have so many t-shirts from VBS, and I've seen them made into very handsome quilts. I used to get t-shirts from my library conferences--must have 10 or so from various cities. A project for the future.