Saturday, March 31, 2007

Still creeping along!

Is Holy Week part of Lent? ;) I'm going to get last week back!

I did manage to get a mile in today. Between bugging out of my regular home last week and at least three days of nearly constant rain, I hadn't managed a mile all week. It was terrible. I noticed that I began to get grouchy and felt as gray and heavy as the oppressive looking clouds outside my window. This evening--finally--the sky not only cleared, but it is the brightest blue that I can remember So, even though I only grabbed the time for a routine walk around the neighborhood, it was refreshing.


Norma said...

Good for you. I'll pop over to your blog and check on things.

Cathy said...

Yes, I consider Holy Week a part of Lent - until the Great Vigil of Easter!!!!

Annie said...


Thanks. Silly isn't it? I've never been quite certain.

I can make it by then. I'm fairly sure of it.