Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saturday Afternoon Walk

I walked with a friend today and we walked along our boat basin - the place was full of trucks and their trailers empty --- boats were out on the river/lake enjoying the cool crisp weather (could have been a tournament too). Children were out playing baseball, or softball, families at the park, and there were a smattering of walkers out there. The walk around the basin is 1.1 mile, and we also took the boardwalk that is by the river which is 1/4 of a mile. In total we walked 2.6 miles.

Now.... on a more negative note..

I wish there were sidewalks, I wish that the drivers were a little more considerate of walkers.

On a more positive note, I know I am walking faster, my pants are getting looser also!


Norma said...

Don't forget to push your ticker!

Cathy said...

Norma, Double check mine by refreshing your browser. I changed it and it is showing that I updated it. Let me know if it is not changed -- it should have 21.2.

Annie said...

You're doing great! I know exactly what you mean when you complain about not having any sidewalks.