Monday, March 26, 2007

Chalk up 4 more

Yesterday we had two couples over for dinner after church and showed photos of our trip to Finland this past summer. They left about 3:30 and I immediately fell asleep on the couch. I then took a 2 mile walk--must have been about 77 degrees--then took dinner left overs to my daughter (about a 15 minute drive). She had on the movie "The wedding planner," which I'd never seen, so I stayed through the end of it. Her husband has gone to Cleveland for a week to help his father. Such a sweetheart.

Then today I got in 2 miles at the park. A young man was running--passed me several times. I saw something I rarely see around here--he was wearing a Chicago Cubs t-shirt. Also, I had the radio on. Rush Limbaugh says he has lost 35 lbs in 42 days. He admits he is a yo-yo dieter and will probably put it back on, but that doesn't seem a worry. Also, believes not drinking any alcohol is essential if you want to lose weight. So there was some discussion of diets, metabolism and exercise, which apparently he doesn't believe in, at least not for weight loss. Lots of unhappy e-mails from his listeners. At Bible study the other night, one of the men mentioned losing 9 lbs in one week. I don't know what they're doing, but I think slow and steady wins the prize. I know the exercise is good for me, but I do have more leg pain at night when I've walked during the day. Need to remember to do more stretches. Anyone else experience this?

I was doing some reading at a nutrition site about fructose (corn syrup) and how it was hardly in use at all 30-40 years ago (not sure of the date on the site). Some nutritionists think it is the culprit in the obesity epidemic. That's apparently the reason Coca Cola doesn't taste like it used to--but in Mexico the bottlers still use sugar.

Well, I have rambled far and wide. Happy walking, ladies!

Update:21 miles.
Update: added another mile, now 22 miles


Cathy said...

I have heard about the fructose being the culprit also.

In terms of pain, Yes I do have pain, but it is more in my feet - one more than the other. I have to be careful not to walk too quickly as well as not take too long of a stride.

I have heard of several men losing 9-10 miles in a week. I have not experienced that. I guess I need to believe in slow and steady winnning the race, or I would be a LOSER! Oh, I am a loser! :)

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