Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Three miles today

If you can't walk in Columbus, OH today, you're just not trying! I walked a mile in the morning around the condo grounds, then got a trash bag and picked up branches which fell during our last few winter storms. Then I also went to the park in the afternoon and did 2 miles. It was almost hot!

I watched a dog, not on a leash, escape from the "control" of its owner to chase a mother pushing a baby stroller with an elderly dog on a leash (who couldn't have run if its life depended on it). The owner ran frantically shouting commands, which the dog ignored, of course. The mom was smart and stopped, waited and controlled her dog (which may have been blind and deaf). When the owner huffed and puffed her way to her dog (who really appeared to be just joyously friendly and excited at the sight of another dog), she picked it up and took it back to the area--where the leash was lying on the ground!

Reminder to all dog owners: all dogs will bite. You just don't know yet when and why and what triggers it.

Total: 7 miles

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Annie said...

Three miles! Very good!

I've had my walks derailed by somebody who owned a large dog and let it off leash! One day I took my tiny dog (6.5 pounds) to the park for a walk and a black lab came barreling toward us. I picked up my dog and hurried back to the car. It is terribly inconsiderate! I'd taken the time and gas money to get to the park only to have to drive away without enjoying the day. In fact, yesterday's walk was derailed by a pit bull.