Friday, March 30, 2007

Multi-colored birds and things

I added another mile yesterday so I'm up to 23--I'll have to really huff and puff to catch Cathy. Yesterday I also read a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins, Pied Beauty, abouth multi- or two colored items in nature. It was so charming using the word images with pied, brindle, freckle, stipple, etc., that it just made me smile. Look for God's artistic touch and how he plays with colors and shapes on your walks this week. Spring is a good time for an artist's eye.

Imagine a little cute ticker bug here: As of March 29, Norma had 23 miles during Lent.
Update: added 2 miles in the park on Friday making it 25 miles.


Annie said...

;) You've done very well considering your late start. The scenery IS so inspiring in springtime.

(I've been moving . . . walking uncounted miles, but all in the houses! I'm afraid I might have lost out on forty.)


Cathy said...

Norma, you are really doing well and even with your late start - I think it is super the amount you have walked!