Sunday, March 25, 2007

Two and a half more miles:

I missed two days when I took my son out of town for a night at a motel and a day shopping. Too bad I can't count mall walking time! But I tried to make up the greater part of it this evening. We walked down by the river again. We had to modify our loop halfway through when we discovered that a large flock of turkeys were frightened by our approach. So we doubled back and went in the opposite direction.

I should have taken my camera today! We were standing still for a moment watching two deer watch us. I was disconcerted at first to see a large dark thing approaching us. After a breathless moment I realized it was a turkey intent on mating. He was answering another turkey that was further down the field. He came unusually close to us with his tail spread and his wings dragging. When the deer realized we were distracted they made their way into the tree line. We glanced back in their direction just in time to see their white tails vanish. There is an entire row of redbuds and pear trees in bloom that make a spectacular show.


Norma said...

Good for you. I don't think I'll catch up this year.

Annie said...

You were doing so well! Let's see how far you can go. In other words, please don't give up! I have enjoyed your help along the way.