Saturday, March 03, 2007

Walking the hose:

Okay, it was a very strange day. My son took a day off from work and called me--he gets lonely around the house. The conversation turned out to be a long one. Since I couldn't do anything else while holding the phone, I decided to take my walk by walking around my backyard several times. It should work since the yard is approximately 3/4 of an acre. Walk 20 minutes rapidly and that should roughly equal a mile.

That was all well and good, but at some point the conversation turned emotional and I lost my focus on the fence. It was only when I bumped my head on the bird feeder that I realized that I had begun to walk on top of the hose, like a kid on a curb, and it had passed beneath the pecan tree.

I hope that none of the neighbors saw that I was walking in figure 8's in my backyard!

In other news, the birds still want to be elusive, but I outsmarted one. It isn't a good picture. She almost didn't hold still long enough, but there she is on the branch one second before she took flight.

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