Tuesday, July 04, 2006

two days in a row ...

woke up with such joy this morning. God is amazing!

I went to give DD a cuddle and said "You want to walk your dog or empty the dishwasher this morning?" She chose the dishwasher (!) which meant I got to walk the dog. And I loved it.

I took her to little forest park near here and let her run loose as I ambled through. It's been a favourite place of mine since she was a puppy (two years ago) and I found that it's a place where I can 'tune in' to God's presence more easily. Funnily I haven't been there for a while - so it was SO GOOD to be there today.

Probably walked about a mile (a little more) but at a very leisurely pace. It is hot here - even at 8am in the morning - and I love it.

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