Sunday, July 23, 2006

Prep Time for the Week

Two miles this A.M. before church. Not too hot- saw my Malamute friend, Moose.
I do so like the little town I grew up near. Some of the older houses have day lilies and old fashioned phlox blooming in their yards.
By the canal are these huge leaved trees with seed pods hanging from the branches. Saw a couple of turtles and one muskrat taking a swim.
Will try for another mile later today, after I finish doing some weeding and trimming along the patio (the rain and hot weather has really helped the weeds and "volunteer" mulberry and elm trees to flourish).


Yellow Mama said...

I don't think I've every seen a malamute or a muskrat, but I have seen an armadillo and a stink bug...does that count?

Yellow Mama said...

Thanks for the post...what a wonderful tribute...a bowl of icecream. There's singing and dancing and rejoicing in heaven...and perhaps icecream!

see-through faith said...

all sounds good