Sunday, July 09, 2006

hot hike

we went for a real hike today. The air was a bit fresher (we'd had a storm last night) but still HOT and no clouds in the sky.

I should have been more alert when hubby asked "are you in shape to do the whole loop" - it was MILES. I came home shattered and took a very long nap -such a deep sleep that I didn't hear the phone, arrival (and departure) of in-laws or anything else.

The view from the top of the crag was lovely and we had a simple picnic too (water, and tunafish and apple sandwiches) but it was HOT!


Kelli said...

We have a golden as well, Wiley. Can't ask for a better breed.

see-through faith said...

hubby loves her - though she's officially DD's. We are hoping that she'll have puppies later in the autumn - goldens ofcourse. I say we - but really it's the others in this now-dog-mad family :)