Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Today ... I will walk

Today, I will walk.

So what .. you may say. I walk every day. What is so significant about that statement?

See, here's the thing. Walking hurts. For me. Not the "I don't want to get up and go outside and exercise kind of hurt. It's the "life isn't fair, I hate physical pain, this is stupid" kind of hurt. And it was sudden. 4 days ago, wham. Life happened. And walking hurts.

I miss outdoors, I miss quiet time in my head while I walk. I miss talking with God while I soak in all things around me. I. Miss. Walking.

So, today I will walk in the mountains, through the trees and look at the river. And celebrate that I can. In pain. But, I can.

And I will thank God for the fact that I can.


Joanne said...

Welcome to you Kelli. You'll enjoy this group.

Loved the photo. Never really been to the mountains - flew over them.

I'm the non-picture sender of the group (no digital yet), so I enjoy seeing the different places.

Sally said...

welcome- I pray that as you walk the pain will diminish and that God will bring healing to you