Saturday, July 22, 2006

Sabbath walking

Went on what hubby called a wee walk this afternoon. Turned out to be 6km and I slipped over just as we were getting back to the carpark -on the flat - into some mud. Yuk!

I've never been to those woods before - and it was lovely. We started from the pets' cemetery and walked up to a look out point. Nice view though mainly pinetree forest. We did get lost for about 3 minutes (missed the path) but the bonus was finding some very tasty ripe blueberries, so I munched while hubby and dog got their bearings.

The not-so-wonderful side of the hike was that for some unknown-to-me-now reason I'd thought it was cool out so had put on autumn trousers. It was warm out -and very humid- and I felt as if I were wearing a giant nappy (diaper!) for much of the walk -gross! And to make matters worse I got bitten by something (maybe when I fell) and by the time we got home (20-25 mins in the car) my arm had swollen. Antihistamine and hydrocortisone ointment did their trick and now my arm is fine again, but it wasn't fun at the time.

Aching a bit now (the uphills weren't that steep but I'm out of practice) but glad we had time together. Just hubby and me, oh and the dog!

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Joanne said...

I had to get out my trusty calculator - just about 3 and 3/4 miles. Well Done!!