Monday, July 03, 2006

taking time

to smell the flowers.

Today was the first morning I've got to walk the dog in ages - DD went off to spend the night in our friends' sailing boat, so I walked our little evangelist early-ish this morning before it got too hot.

And loved it.

Yesterday I cycled to church and back. Not a lot but something and it was good to get out and about.

I realised that in the summer it's not possible to have a routine - but I'm trying to get back into walking a little each day (with or without the dog) and I've been trying to tackle the weeds in the garden (a little!) It's looking better for some attention, but unfortunately I also have to study this week so there's not that much time free. Sad isn't it?

be blessed

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Norma said...

This reminds me I haven't been on my bike this summer.