Monday, July 31, 2006

Home from Finland and Russia

I must thank you all for letting me walk with you this spring and summer. It really helped to have 3-5 miles a day for several months before going to Finland and Russia. Now, nothing prepared the ankles and calves for cobblestone streets, but I was certainly in better shape than I would have been.

I'm blogging about my trip at Collecting my thoughts, with the prefix "Trip Tale." Then our more recent (ended yesterday) Frank Lloyd Wright tour of Ohio and Indiana is prefixed "FLW tour."

I'm pooped. It is so hot in Ohio (about 105 F heat index) that the cat won't even sit on the porch and watch the squirrels--in fact, I don't see any--maybe they think it is too hot to come out of the trees.

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Joanne said...

Hottt! in Illinois too. Way to hot for me, but come December /January we'll be looking for a litle warmth. You must have trekked much on your trip. Will be reading your blog.