Wednesday, July 05, 2006

getting into stride

I walked again today. Not far but I walked at lunchtime.

Today a slightly different route - and saw an amazing sight - a wall of roses. Now to understand the impact of this you have to know that roses don't grow well in Finland. I'm not sure why - but these are magnificent. I'll try to walk that way tomorrow with our camera (if I remember).

On the way home we cut through little forest park. I get such a kick from seeing Mindy excitedly scampering around off lead.

A little later I cycled into town - to meet a friend for "let's celebrate its my holiday" drink at koulu - a school turned pub/restaurant. We sat in the school yard - watched toddlers play in the sandbox, students play mini golf and sipped locally brewed beer and cider. School wasn't like that when I was young.

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