Friday, June 22, 2007

Walking the vineyards

I've walked almost 10 miles since we arrived at my dad's farm in the central California foothills. I've been walking down the dirt road that winds through fallow fields and lush vineyards. The wild artichokes are in bloom, and the violet spikes against the golden dried grass makes a rich contrast. Nearly the whole family is assembled now, and getting the 30 minutes alone is keeping me sane. Even on 10 acres, it's hard to hide. My introverted oldest was trying to find a few minutes peace, which I finally enforced by telling his brother and various cousins to beat it up the hill to their aunt's. They left, spitting out "introvert!" as if it were an epithet.

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Joanne said...

The flower reminds me of our thistles in the midwest. Does the artichoke flower attract birds and butterflies? keep up the walking - it really does bring peace of mind in the midst of chaos.