Thursday, June 14, 2007

Walking hi tech style

I thought you all would find this interesting. this person has built a desk to fit on the treadmill and is "walking across American" while he works. Check it out at:

I walked 1.7 miles on the treadmill today - I'm a little frustrated because it is so hot here and I am using the treadmill inside. I think I enjoy walking outside more! I need to get my ticker to readjust also as I thought I might want to do minutes, but I like the mileage better.

You walkers are really inspiring me!


Joanne said...

Thanks for the interesting site - and I thought I was overboard with being at work.

I know what you mean about the treadmill - it is hot and also boring.

Norma said...

It might be OK for an Ohio winter to walk at a treadmill desk, but not for spring, summer or fall. I think that guy needs to get out more!

Jay Buster said...


I'm the guy who built the Treadmill Desk. I do get out a lot. I live in Boulder Colorado and I run 3x a week in open space. I also swim 3x a week in something called Master's Swimming (which during the summer is outside). My Treadmill Desk is just for the time when I'm working at my desk.

Nice site. Keep Going!!

Jay Buster
Boulder, Colorado