Saturday, September 02, 2006

September Haze

The second of September: Have walked each day this last week at least 2 - 3 miles unless rain came down.

Wednesday AM, traveled back to house (mile and 1/2) with a wee kitten about three weeks old. He was sitting soaking wet in the middle of the canal bike path, at the interstate overpass. I call him Survivor - he is used to being in a house. Have an ad in the newspaper and called the local vet and police to see if anyone will claim him. If not, will fatten him up and take to our local pet store that is really good about adoptions or call our local animal aid society. With 3 kit kats inside and 6 neighborhood cats that make the rounds in the neighborhood for hand outs, I really need to find Survivor a home.

This AM walk was just right, meeting acquaintances along the way. The flowers are still blooming and saw some beautiful sun flowers with the goldfinches flittering about.

Supposed to rain tomorrow through Tuesday. Monday we are doing a fun run/walk so hopefully we won't need umbrellas.

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